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I Hate My Job - DO YOU?

So you hate your job?  Welcome to the best resource on the web for those who hate their jobs.  Would you like to find a new job?  ...Or would you just like to vent about your current one?  Maybe you'd like to read other stories from people who hate their jobs - so you can feel better about your own.

Are you tired of ignorant people in charge of you - telling you how to do your job?  Are you tired of waking up and spending most of each day doing something you hate?  Do you feel like you will go crazy if you spend one more day at a job you hate?

Welcome to hate-my-job.com

We want you to feel better.

Look around our site for cool things to do - or ways to vent.  

We are constantly adding information and tips on finding a new job or dealing with your current one - check it out!  We are here to help you because we have been there, and we know what it's like.  Remember - you are not alone, and yes, YOUR boss is the biggest idiot on the earth.